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Hollywood Oboe Reeds

High quality reeds at a low price point

I sell my oboe reeds when I am not playing in the hollywood area. I strive to make the reeds easy yet reliable, with a deep tone and in tune. I make reeds for all ages and abilities on the instrument. I make the reeds in 3 hardness levels. Beginner (For people starting out) Medium (This is what I recommend and this is what is comfortable for myself) or hard. Each reed is $23 and every 4 reeds you order you get one free reed. Shipping if free as long as you order 2 or more reeds. If you would like to order some reeds just shoot me an email at or I have my Etsy linked above with the Etsy button but I would prefer via email to avoid etsy charges. I also make english horn reeds for $33 a reed. If you send me a message with your order I will cater to what you need and want in an oboe reed to make them just right for your playing requirements.

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